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API Documentation

We've provided automatically generated API Documentation that describes how to use the APIs and includes code samples in multiple languages. In most cases, our Developer Portal will allow you to directly interact with the API so you can be sure the API meets your needs.

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Apis Documentation

Developer Support

You can interact with our developers if you encounter issues as you adopt our APIs, we'll keep you to date on the latest developments via our blog. In future we will publish the best applications back to the community via an application gallery.

How it Works...

Apis Documentation

Work with Zurich to find the right API that works for your APP. Want something we haven't got yet? Just ask.

Apis Documentation

We provide the API, instructions and support - packaged in way to suit different uses. You control how you present the service to your users.

Apis Documentation

We plan to grow our APIs to support a range of insurance and non-insurance services which make use of Zurich's global reach.

Apis Documentation

Our documentation follows the OpenAPI standard. All of our interactions are secured making use of OAuth and TLS1.2